Wizzdrum at the Namm Show 2020

On 15 January 2020, Wizzdrum was introduced to the world at the NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, USA, during the special preview day for the press. Wizzdrum was one of 40 participants selected out of the hundreds registered for this, making the NAMM a massive success for Wizzdrum before it even started.

During this press event, Wizzdrum received a lot of coverage. Most notable is the Drummerszone coverage where Wouter Hietkamp gives an in-depth explanation about the Wizzdrum. During the Drummerszone you can also see the Wizzdrum played by Koen Herfst who, amongst other things, drums for Armin van Buuren.

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NAMM exhibition

During the NAMM, the Wizzdrum drew a lot of attention and was played by a lot of people. Showing that it passed the 'durability test' very well. Among them a large number of experienced and established players.

The bass drum stood out during the exhibition. This unique Wizzdrum feature caught people's attention from across the room. The beater and the double bass effect you can achieve with it by using both the pedal and the drumsticks drew people to the Wizzdrum booth.

Almost all of them reacted surprised, excited, and impressed by the possibilities of the Wizzdrum. Both the sound and the design made a big impression, and the professionals confirmed our approach, a compact acoustic drum set with a good sound that is easy to transport. Someone called the Wizzdrum 'the thing we needed.’

Wizzdrum’s portability was also a real eyecatcher, which is highlighted in all the video’s and shown by Lambert walking off with his new drum kit.

Overview of the Wizzdrum coverage

Bernard ‘TreWay’ Lambert's Instagram

Instagram post of Bernard ‘TreWay’ Lambert (2X Grammy Winning Drummer) who took home his Wizzdrum kit with him during the NAMM.


"3D Printed Wizzdrum drum kits launched at NAMM 2020" - article with video.

Inside Audio

Inside Audio posted a great video and article that shows our tuning system and how compact the Wizzdrum kit is.

Bionic Buzz

A video interview with Wizzdrum’s Lotte that shows off all the aspects of the Wizzdrum kit.


"NAMM 2020: WIZZDRUM zeigt Reiseschlagzeug aus dem 3D-Drucker" - article, German.