Wizzdrum 10″ Snare + Mechanism for Lug

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Wizzdrum Tuning Key

The Wizzdrum  great Tuning Key  consists of a printed part and an Allen key.

With this key a lot of force can be exerted, thereby increasing the chance of teeth breaking. A steel gear can be supplied for an additional charge.

The key can only make small strokes with the bass drum.

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The Wizzdrum 10″Snare + Mechanism for Lug is available for expanding traditional drum sets. An adapter is included to connect the mechanism to a lug of a traditional drum.

A 10″ snare consists of an inner ring and an outer ring of PLA and is supplied with a transparent sheet. The string mat is connected to the inner ring.

The 10″ Snare + Mechanism for Lug is available in 6 color schemes. The mechanism and adapter are black.

The Wizzdrum  Adapter for Snare on Lug + Mechanism for lug consists of 3 parts. The small part has to be connected to the tune screw of a drum and can remain there during transport of the drum. The adapter part then can be mounted against the drum with a wing nut. On this adapter the Snare Mechanism for Lug can be mounted. This mechanism can be mirrored to place it right or left on the drum.

A Wizzdrum snare can be attached to this part by sliding it onto it.


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