Wizzdrum Percussion Kit

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The Wizzdrum kit has a beautifully unique sound and is suitable for various genres. It’s very compact, which makes it perfect for small spaces and traveling. It features a revolutionary and easy tuning system and is quick to set up.

With the Wizzdrum Percussion kit, you can play in both a standing and sitting position (the hi-hat is played by using the manual hi-hat system).

It’s available in six color schemes: Black, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Brown, Black/Brown/Blue, and Black/Gold.

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The Wizzdrum kit is almost entirely manufactured by 3D printing using lightweight and sustainable materials. The kit includes a Wizzdrum carrying case that houses the whole kit and has extra space for cymbals/hi-hats in the lid of the case (cymbals not included in the kit).

The Wizzdrum Percussion Kit consists of:

  • A stand
  • Central horizontal connector
  • 13” bass drum
  • Bass drum muffler
  • 10” snare drum
  • Snare mechanism
  • 10” tom
  • 8” tom
  • 2 cymbal stands
  • Hi-hat manual system
  • Tuning key
  • The Wizzdrum carrying case

Cymbals are not included in the drum kit.

Product Specifications

The Wizzdrum kit has a footprint of about: 0,9 x 0,7 m/3 x 2,3 ft
Carrying case: 570 x 395 x 280 mm/ 22,4 x 15,5 x 11,0”

The drum kit (without carrying case) weights: ca. 9 kg/20lbs
The carrying case with drum kit weights: ca. 13 kg/29lbs

Stand: powder-coated steel
Kit and stand (ex drum heads): PLA printing material and bolts and nuts
Carrying case: PLA printing material and bolts and nuts

Full part list

  • 1x Stand and central connector – A powder-coated tube steel collapsible tripod consisting of a backbone, two legs, and a vertical. The stand is designed for fast and easy assembly without a key. On the top, there is a 3D-printed central connector that connects the tripod to the instrument carrier (the horizontal). It’s easy to set to a preferred height (memory lock) with a single wing bolt.
  • 1x Horizontal – This is the carrier of all instruments and connects to the stand. It consists of an inner and an outer 3D-printed tube that connects to the stand in one specific way.
  • 1x 13” Bass drum – 13” x 8” bass drum consisting of a 3D-printed shell with an integrated connector to the horizontal and adapter for bass drum pedal connector. It also includes a tension ring and a drum head.
  • 1x Bass drum muffler – Muffler for the 13” bass drum.
  • 1x 10” Snare drum – 10” snare drum consisting of a drum bottom, drum ring, drum head, and an integrated snare wire mat.
  • 1x Snare mechanism – Carrier of the snare drum and connector to the horizontal. It can also be used as the strainer of the wire mat (on/off). And as a ‘fine tuner’ for the tension of the wire mat on the inside of the drum head.
  • 2x Tom holder side – Adapters for connecting the toms on the outer sides of the horizontal (left and right).
  • 1x 10” Tom – 10” tom consisting of a drum bottom, drum ring, and a drum head.
  • 1x 8” Tom – 8” tom consisting of a drum bottom, drum ring, and a drum head.
  • 2x Cymbal stand – Cymbal carrier for connecting to the horizontal. There is a long and a short stand (with a 1″ length difference). The height of the cymbal on the stand is adjustable (step-less) and can be fixed in a preferred position with the tuning key.
  • 1x Hi-hat manual system – This part consists of a hi-hat carrier (and connector to the horizontal), lever, and a grip for manual operation of the hi-hat.
  • 1x Tuning key – Key for tuning the drums and fixing the cymbal carriers.
  • 1x Wizzdrum carrying case – Tailor-made suitcase for convenient packaging and transporting your Wizzdrum kit and its accessories.