Wizzdrum Percussion Kit

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Wizzdrum –> to Wizzdrum IM1 (Integrated Microphones)

More information about the Wizzdrum IM1 or the original Wizzdrum Percussion kit? Email us: 


The Wizzdrum Percussion kit is currently almost out of stock and no new stock is being created due to major developments.

Since successfully launching our Wizzdrum Percussion kit, we have been receiving questions about an electronic version of the Percussion kit. The demand for an electronic version of the Wizzdrum Percussion kit is so great, that we decided to listen to you.

Wizzdrum being Wizzdrum, we went our own way and invented, again, a whole new instrument: the Wizzdrum IM1. A portable drum kit, capable of being used as an acoustic kit, an electric kit or a hybrid kit. All in one!

Currently we are putting al our time and effort in the latest stages of development of the Wizzdrum IM1. Please do contact us if you’re interested in receiving more in-depth information about the IM1. If you’re interest lies with the original Wizzdrum All-in kit, please do sent us an email and we will discuss the options currently available.

The Wizzdrum kit has a beautifully unique sound and is suitable for various genres. It’s very compact, which makes it perfect for small spaces and traveling. It features a revolutionary and easy tuning system and is quick to set up.

With the Wizzdrum Percussion kit, you can play in both a standing and sitting position (the hi-hat is played by using the manual hi-hat system).

It’s available in six color schemes: Black, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Brown, Black/Brown/Blue, and Black/Gold.

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The Wizzdrum kit is almost entirely manufactured by 3D printing using lightweight and sustainable materials. The kit includes a Wizzdrum carrying case that houses the whole kit and has extra space for cymbals/hi-hats in the lid of the case (cymbals not included in the kit).

The Wizzdrum Percussion Kit consists of:

  • A stand
  • Central horizontal connector
  • 13” bass drum
  • Bass drum muffler
  • 10” snare drum
  • Snare mechanism
  • 10” tom
  • 8” tom
  • 2 cymbal stands
  • Hi-hat manual system
  • Tuning key
  • The Wizzdrum carrying case

Cymbals are not included in the drum kit.

Product Specifications

The Wizzdrum kit has a footprint of about: 0,9 x 0,7 m/3 x 2,3 ft
Carrying case: 570 x 395 x 280 mm/ 22,4 x 15,5 x 11,0”

The drum kit (without carrying case) weights: ca. 9 kg/20lbs
The carrying case with drum kit weights: ca. 13 kg/29lbs

Stand: powder-coated steel
Kit and stand (ex drum heads): PLA printing material and bolts and nuts
Carrying case: PLA printing material and bolts and nuts

Full part list

  • 1x Stand and central connector – A powder-coated tube steel collapsible tripod consisting of a backbone, two legs, and a vertical. The stand is designed for fast and easy assembly without a key. On the top, there is a 3D-printed central connector that connects the tripod to the instrument carrier (the horizontal). It’s easy to set to a preferred height (memory lock) with a single wing bolt.
  • 1x Horizontal – This is the carrier of all instruments and connects to the stand. It consists of an inner and an outer 3D-printed tube that connects to the stand in one specific way.
  • 1x 13” Bass drum – 13” x 8” bass drum consisting of a 3D-printed shell with an integrated connector to the horizontal and adapter for bass drum pedal connector. It also includes a tension ring and a drum head.
  • 1x Bass drum muffler – Muffler for the 13” bass drum.
  • 1x 10” Snare drum – 10” snare drum consisting of a drum bottom, drum ring, drum head, and an integrated snare wire mat.
  • 1x Snare mechanism – Carrier of the snare drum and connector to the horizontal. It can also be used as the strainer of the wire mat (on/off). And as a ‘fine tuner’ for the tension of the wire mat on the inside of the drum head.
  • 2x Tom holder side – Adapters for connecting the toms on the outer sides of the horizontal (left and right).
  • 1x 10” Tom – 10” tom consisting of a drum bottom, drum ring, and a drum head.
  • 1x 8” Tom – 8” tom consisting of a drum bottom, drum ring, and a drum head.
  • 2x Cymbal stand – Cymbal carrier for connecting to the horizontal. There is a long and a short stand (with a 1″ length difference). The height of the cymbal on the stand is adjustable (step-less) and can be fixed in a preferred position with the tuning key.
  • 1x Hi-hat manual system – This part consists of a hi-hat carrier (and connector to the horizontal), lever, and a grip for manual operation of the hi-hat.
  • 1x Tuning key – Key for tuning the drums and fixing the cymbal carriers.
  • 1x Wizzdrum carrying case – Tailor-made suitcase for convenient packaging and transporting your Wizzdrum kit and its accessories.