Legal Guarantee

You are entitled to legal guarantee (i.e. consumer rights provided by law) on all our products that you have purchased from us (Wizzdrum). This means that you are entitled to receive a product of a satisfactory level (conformity). A product is or must do what you – as a consumer – can reasonably expect from it. If a product lacks conformity, we’ll make sure that we’ll have the product repaired or – if repairment is not reasonably possible – replaced.

We explain in this document your legal rights and obligations in connection to your legal guarantee on our products. Please read this document carefully.

What is covered by the legal guarantee?
When you purchase a product from us, you are entitled to a legal guarantee, no matter what. In the Netherlands, anyone buying a product is legally entitled to a sound product. It is of course very important to us that our customers are happy.

So, what does it mean that you are entitled to a “sound product”? It means that the products that you have purchased from us, must possess those qualities that are required for the normal use of the product and that you may reasonably expect from it.

What you can and should expect from a product, depends (partly) on the “nature of the goods”. For example, you can’t expect a second hand car to have the same qualities as a brand new one. It is important that you are aware of the special characteristics and properties of the materials we use for our products. We use PLA as printing material for the drum kit and case, a material that is specially developed for 3D printing. PLA has some fantastic features (for example, it has its own sound which makes it possible to create “rim clicks” on the drums), but it also has some disadvantages:

  • If the material is exposed to temperatures higher than 65˚C, softening occurs, which means that parts of the product could deform or become damaged. It is not recommended to expose a drum kit directly to the sun for a long period of time, or to leave your drum kit in the hot trunk of a car for a long period of time.
  • The material is brittle, which means that it can easily break (for example when it falls on a floor).
  • The material can change color when it’s exposed to the sun. After a while, the color of the material can ‘fade’.

What is not covered by the legal guarantee?
If you are unsure whether a defect is covered by the legal guarantee or not, you may consider the following rule of thumb: if a product is not functioning properly and this is due to its own nature, the defect is covered by the legal guarantee. If, however, the malfunctioning of the product is caused by other (external) circumstances, the defect or malfunctioning is not covered by the legal guarantee. For example, improper or abnormal use of the product (your water bottle accidentally took a tumble all over your drumset) means that a defect resulting from that use is not covered by the legal guarantee. This also includes defects or alleged defects caused by the incorrect assembly and / or installation of the product or caused by the use of parts from third parties that were not explicitly approved by us. So be careful! In addition, defects caused by a lack of maintenance, normal wear and tear or age (such as scratches and nicks) or defects that are caused by external influences (“onheil van buitenaf”, meaning a sudden, unforeseen and external event that affects the product, such as water-, drop and impact- or sand damage) are not covered by the legal guarantee.

What is the legal guarantee period?
The legal guarantee period depends on the type of product that you’ve purchased from us. For the majority of our products, you will receive a minimum of 2 years legal guarantee. During this period, the product should – under normal use – function properly. If this is not the case, we will repair or replace your product free of charge. Some products are, by their very nature, not intended to function properly for a minimum of 2 years, such as drum heads, cymbal vilts, floor caps and non-slip drum mats.

How can I exercise my rights under the legal guarantee?
You can send us an email ( to inform us about a defect in your product. Please state your name and order number (as specified in the order confirmation) in the subject field of the mail. You will receive a response, including information with regard to our return policy, from us within 14 days.

Do I have to pay for the repair?
If the defect is covered by the legal guarantee, we will repair the product without cost to you. If we are not completely sure if you are entitled to legal guarantee, we can check the product and charge the inspection costs. If it appears that the defect is indeed covered by the legal guarantee, we will of course refund these inspection costs to you.

How long will it take to repair my product?
We’ll get right on it and we will always try to repair the defect as quickly as possible, and in any case within a reasonable period of time, so that you can use the product again.

How can I contact you?
If you have any questions about this document or the legal guarantee, you can contact us (Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm):

By e-mail: