6 reasons
for getting
a Wizzdrum kit

Multiple setup
Whether you want to play standing up or sitting down: a Wizzdrum kits works for you. Wizzdrum’s design allows you to adjust the placement of the drums and cymbals to fit your unique style and preferences.
Less setup time, more time to play
Drumming in small spaces will never be a problem due to Wizzdrum’s compact nature. You can set the kit up in 5 minutes or less, which means more time to play. 
Revolutionary, easy tuning
Quick, and even tuning? It’s possible due to the revolutionary tuning system. It’s just one twist for fast and precise tuning.
Suitable for various genres
Whether you prefer funk, hip-hop, jazz, the Wizzdrum kit is suitable for all of them, due to a combination of compact and open sounds. It’s also very suitable for intimate acoustic settings and percussive genres.
There’s no need to rent a van to transport your kit! The entire drum kit can be carried or stored in the Wizzdrum carrying case included with the kit. There’s even space to add your own cymbals up to 14” (cymbals are not included in the Wizzdrum kits). 
Sounds great,
looks great!
The Wizzdrum kits have a unique sound with a low volume. They’re great for playing indoors, and you can add your unique flavor on stage. The Wizzdrum kits are available in six unique color schemes to match your style on all fronts.