Wizzdrum Add-Ons for traditional drum kits

The Wizzdrum Add-ons provide the freedom for you to add toms, snare drums, and percussion accessories to your traditional drumkit the easiest way possible. Upgrade your existing drumset with high-quality sound elements (e.g., a side snare) that fits comfortably in your drum cases, adds very little weight to your pack, and are set up in the blink of an eye.

The lug adaptor easily attaches to all drums with universal lugs. Extend your drum kit very quickly.
The adapter is tightened with one wing nut to the lug of a drum by attaching a block to the tension rod. This block remains attached to the lug during transport.


Cymbal stand adaptor

The clamp has multiple holes for different cymbal stands. You can easily add an extra tom or snare drum to your drumkit by attaching the adaptor to your cymbal stand or cymbal arm with a clamp.


tom lug adaptor

The lug adaptor allows you to conveniently add an extra 6″ tom, 8″ tom or 10″ tom to your setup. The drum slides onto the pole of the adapter and is ready for use. It can be moved in 4 directions so that the optimal position can be found.

snare lug adaptor

The adaptor boasts a unique snare mechanism. This system allows you to attach and detach the snares easily. You’re also able to adjust the tension of wires to your liking. The snare mechanism can be mirrored, to place it right or left on the floor tom.

percussion lug adaptor

With the percussion lug adaptor, you can add percussion accessories to the lug of your drum. Now you’re able to add a cowbell, woodblock, or tambourine with ease.
This is a small adapter placed on top of a tom lug adapter.

Table adaptor

Adaptor for tom (with tom holder) or snare with snare mechanism out of the Wizzdrum kit.


Beater housing for Lug with Pedal

Beater can be mounted on a lug just like the other adapters. Pedal has long cable so that it can be placed in the traditional kit at both feet.

Interested in a complete Wizzdrum kit?

You can set the kit up in 5 minutes or less, which means more time to play.
The Wizzdrum kit allows you to play both standing and sitting due to the backbone with adjustable height settings.
Drumming in small spaces will never be a problem due to Wizzdrums compact 1 square meter surface area.
Due to the revolutionary tuning system, you can precisely tune your drum with just a simple twist.
The kit is suitable for multiple genres due to the combination of a compact and open sound.
The complete kit fits in the travel case (included).